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I’ve been offering video appointments via a secure, HIPAA-compliant TeleHealth network since 2018. Many individuals and couples have found video appointments to be a useful alternative to in-office sessions. I’m now pleased to offer TeleHealth appointments for sex and relationship concerns for men, women, and couples in both New York and Florida. Call me today at 212-875-9800 to set up a TeleHealth video appointment, or to find out whether TeleHealth might be the right choice for you.

TeleHealth Video Sessions Q & A


Is TeleHealth treatment right for me?

That depends on two things: (1) Will you be physically within either New York or Florida at the time of our video appointment? I’m only licensed for TeleHealth in New York and Florida, so that’s a must. (2) Is video treatment appropriate for the issue you’d like help with? That’s something you and I can discuss when we first speak by phone to set up your TeleHealth appointment.

Does insurance reimburse for TeleHealth video appointments?

Private health insurers now typically offer coverage for TeleHealth / TeleMedicine. However, it’s a good idea to confirm with your individual insurer about your specific plan. When you and I first speak by phone to set up your TeleHealth appointment, I can provide you with the relevant codes (they’re called “CPT codes”) to mention when you contact your insurer.

How does Dr Snyder offer TeleHealth appointments in New York and Florida?

I’m licensed as a physician in New York State to offer both in-person and TeleHealth services, and I’m licensed by the Florida Department of Health to provide out-of-state TeleHealth services.  

How can I request a video appointment?

Just call or text me at 917-270-0384. 
Or leave a message for me through my contact page. Please be sure to leave your phone number, so I can call or text you back.

How do TeleHealth video appointments work?

Once we set up the appointment, I’ll send you a link by email to my “virtual office.” Then when it’s time for your session, just click on the link, follow the prompts, and I’ll join you there.

Are TeleHealth video sessions suitable for couples?

Many couples in my practice have reported excellent results with TeleHealth video sessions for sex and relationship issues -- either as a stand-alone treatment for a sex or relationship problem, or once in a while when they can’t make it to my office.

With TeleHealth you can also log in from separate locations, if your schedules don’t permit being in the same place at the same time. This can be particularly useful for dual-career couples, long-distance couples, and people who travel a lot.

Are TeleHealth video sessions suitable for sex therapy?

Very often, yes. Sex therapy is simply a kind of solution-focused psychotherapy that aims to quickly resolve sex problems. Modern sex therapy is strictly a talking therapy. There’s never any physical touching involved.

Sex therapy started off as a strictly behavioral therapy (“do this, then do that”). But today we modern sex therapists use a wide array of psychotherapy techniques. These can all be done via video.

How can I find out more about Dr Snyder’s approach to TeleHealth therapy?

My approach to therapy is the same, whether in-office or online: I favor treatment that is collaborative, results-oriented, and has clear goals. You should come away from a first appointment with a better understanding of your problems, and having learned some specific things you can put into action right away. Usually this can be accomplished just as easily via video as in-office.

How can I request a video appointment?

Just call or text me at 917-270-0384. 
Or leave a message for me through my contact page. Please be sure to leave your phone number, so I can call or text you back.


You can find more information about my approach to sex therapy HERE. You might also check out my YouTube channel -- especially my video, “How Can I Find a Good Sex Therapist?”

My “Relationship Doctor” Podcast archive on the QDT Network has 22 short segments on common relationship problems -- and what to do about them. You might also want to look at my PRESS page for interviews I’ve done in places like the GOOP PODCAST and The Couples Therapist HQ.

For more information about my general approach to sex and relationship counseling, your best resource is probably my book, Love Worth Making. I’ve been told the book gives you a pretty good idea of what it’s like to work with me. 

For more information about my approach to specific conditions such as low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, trouble ejaculating, sexless marriage, intimacy problems, and infidelity, check out my specific services page HERE.


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