Millennial Erotica – June 2015

What’s Up With Millennial Kids and Freaky Erotica?

For his June 13, 2015 article, Why Do Millennials Love Cartoon Porn So Much?  Cosmopolitan writer Frank Kobola interviewed me about why Millennials seem to gravitate to cartoons of far-out characters doing impossible things.

I pointed out that sexual excitement ordinarily requires some element of transgression and novelty, and Millennials seem to be so used to plain vanilla porn that to stay excited they’re turning to things that amplify ordinary sex and exaggerate beyond what you can find in nature.

“It’s the erotic equivalent of a Cronut,” I told him.

And the phrase “Sex Cronut” was born.

In fact, the notion comes direct from Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam’s A Billion Wicked Thoughts— where there is a detailed account of a phenomenon the authors call “Erotic Illusions” Human ingenuity and digital technology have permitted combinations of ordinary erotic cues to produce forms not ordinarily found in nature.  These Erotic Illusions have more power to get people excited than anything in nature.

When Fifty Shades of Grey came out, Christian Grey was a pretty good example of an erotic illusion.  He was the quintesssence of male dominance, and at the same time the most loyal and devoted partner in the world. Ideal “Book-Boyfriend” material.

Cartoon hentai and futanari are only further extensions of the concept.

The tastes of Millennials, from hook-ups to texting to Instagram, have been dissected at length in the media. In these pages, we’ve reported on several memes of millennial life — such as genital hair removal (and its inadvertent consequence, a greater interest in genital plastic surgery) , greater acceptance of bisexuality (OK, that one is still a work in progress), and curiosity about non-monogamous relationships.

We’ll continue to keep our ear to the ground, as we move into the millennial future of sex — and try not to get too lost there.


stephen snyder md author photo Stephen Snyder, MD

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