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Sex therapist at the Academy Awards, part 2 — The Courage to be Seen

    On the occasion of The Sessions being up for an Academy Award this year (Helen Hunt, for best supporting actress), we’re discussing some of the film’s implications  for sex therapy.  This is part 2. Something quite ordinary The Sessions tells the story one man’s extraordinary misfortune — paralyzed by polio at age 6 [...]

Sexual healing that won’t break your nose

    All things considered, the mental health profession comes off pretty well in this year’s new sex movie Hope Springs.  Marriage therapist and author Dr Bernard Feld, played by Steve Carell, is a fairly nice specimen by Hollywood standards. He’s likeable, intelligent, confident-but-not-a-shmuck, and commits no flagrant boundary violations.  You get the idea.   He’s [...]

Sexless in Nebraska: Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in “Hope Springs”

    A strange thing, mystifying In this new movie, Tommy Lee Jones plays an Omaha accountant named Arnold who won’t have sex with his wife — Kay, a sixty-something Everywoman played by a very likeable Meryl Streep. No sex, no physical attention, minimal eye contact, separate bedrooms.  The marital estrangement combination platter – with [...]

Advice to future sexologists, and other topics

  Thanks to sexpert Megan Andelloux from Rhode Island’s Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health for permission to reprint the following interview (slightly modified) from her site What do you do in the field of sexuality? I’m a New York City psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and relationship issues. I also write a [...]

The search for sexual sanity continues

  Now that Representative Anthony Weiner is reported to be seeking professional help, one question seems to be on many people’s minds: Help for what? That’s not clear.  Sending suggestive photos of oneself to young women is clearly personally and professionally hazardous.  But does it reflect a disorder requiring treatment? Common sense would say that [...]

Diary of a Manhattan Sex Therapist — The other side of Saturday night

Want to test your knowledge of male sexual psychology?   Take this quiz: QUIZ:  It’s Saturday night.  Paul, 25 years old, is on a date with a new woman whom he likes very much and finds very sexy.  Unfortunately, later that night when they undress together, he suddenly has no erection.  She is very understanding [...]

The Nine Rooms of Happiness: What does a woman want?

What does a woman want? Freud, famously, claimed not to know.   In a letter to his student Marie Bonaparte, he wrote,  ‘The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ”What does a woman want?”‘ I think [...]

Sexuality, simmering, and the B train back from the beach

Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 A train in motion On the B train, one hot summer Sunday afternoon. I’m bringing my children and a few of their friends back to Manhattan, after a long day at the beach in Brooklyn. There’s a young couple standing near the exit door, sharing an ipod headset. Each with an earpiece [...]

The Sexuality Resource Interview: Dr Laura Muggli on ADHD in Women

After posting two articles on ADHD and Marriage in response to a recent NYTimes article, I received several responses asking specifically about women with ADHD.    I decided to consult my favorite Women’s ADHD guru, Dr Laura Muggli. Laura, we hear a lot lately about ADHD and relationships, but it’s mostly about men with ADHD.  What [...]

Infidelity at the office, and how to avoid it.

The following is reprinted  from Dr Snyder’s article “Are you ready for the truth?” — with permission from the original Italian publisher – WorkStyle Magazine Vol 4 (p. 32-33), July 2010. Because they’re there. The most common reason romantic love happens with coworkers is simply because they’re there. We spend a lot of time at [...]