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Advice to future sexologists, and other topics

  Thanks to sexpert Megan Andelloux from Rhode Island’s Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health for permission to reprint the following interview (slightly modified) from her site What do you do in the field of sexuality? I’m a New York City psychiatrist and psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and relationship issues. I also write a [...]

Sexual arousal for its own sake

Simmering: A two minute technique for nourishing the erotic bond between partners. Useful for modern couples for whom the idea of leisure time is a quaint memory, but who’d like to stay in touch. A modern dilemma Recently I had lunch with my colleague Eric Amaranth, and the conversation turned to the subject of polyamory — [...]

Sexuality, simmering, and the B train back from the beach

Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 A train in motion On the B train, one hot summer Sunday afternoon. I’m bringing my children and a few of their friends back to Manhattan, after a long day at the beach in Brooklyn. There’s a young couple standing near the exit door, sharing an ipod headset. Each with an earpiece [...]

Some open secrets about sexual arousal

The secrets of sexual arousal are hidden in plain sight. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Physical sexual arousal – the sexually aroused body – has been endlessly studied, most famously by Masters and Johnson in the 1960′s. And less rigorously but no less intensely by every sexual couple since the dawn of [...]