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Sexuality, simmering, and the B train back from the beach

Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 A train in motion On the B train, one hot summer Sunday afternoon. I’m bringing my children and a few of their friends back to Manhattan, after a long day at the beach in Brooklyn. There’s a young couple standing near the exit door, sharing an ipod headset. Each with an earpiece [...]

Contemporary sexuality and the Brazilian wax

Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 Does she, or doesn’t she? “When I was teaching the class of fifteen-year-olds and it was time for the girls to ask their questions of boys, they wanted to know this:  ‘Do you prefer girls who have a little hair or a lot of hair?’  I thought they meant hairstyles, as in [...]

Twilight, and the art of foreplay

  Foreplay.  Women traditionally complain they don’t get enough of it. Often this gets interpreted as being due to a woman’s needing more physical stimulation to get fully aroused. OK, maybe sometimes that’s the issue.   But I don’t see it as the essential thing.  The physical aspects of sex rarely are. The essential thing [...]