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Dr Snyder gets media training from Oprah on CBS This Morning

    When the call came from CBS This Morning  to come discuss two new anthropological papers on the origins of monogamy, my first concern naturally was to make sure I didn’t say anything embarrassing on national TV. So I decided to make detailed notes as a precautionary measure.   But I learned that on [...]

Before the last word is said about FiftyShades

    Here’s a question: Does anyone have any idea why Fifty Shades of Grey has sold so many millions of books? I’m asking because in all that I’ve read about this book, I haven’t seen one mention of what it’s really about.  And why it’s been such a runaway success. Is it because of [...]

Sexual healing that won’t break your nose

    All things considered, the mental health profession comes off pretty well in this year’s new sex movie Hope Springs.  Marriage therapist and author Dr Bernard Feld, played by Steve Carell, is a fairly nice specimen by Hollywood standards. He’s likeable, intelligent, confident-but-not-a-shmuck, and commits no flagrant boundary violations.  You get the idea.   He’s [...]

Sexless in Nebraska: Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in “Hope Springs”

    A strange thing, mystifying In this new movie, Tommy Lee Jones plays an Omaha accountant named Arnold who won’t have sex with his wife — Kay, a sixty-something Everywoman played by a very likeable Meryl Streep. No sex, no physical attention, minimal eye contact, separate bedrooms.  The marital estrangement combination platter – with [...]

On staying faithful in Hollywood and elsewhere

    July 27 After news of the Kristen Stewart mini-scandal broke this week, I was contacted by IBTimes writer Justine Ashley Costanza about infidelity amongst the famous and not-so-famous.   With her permission, I’m reprinting the conversation we had in preparation for her IBTimes article that appeared July 25th. Dr Snyder, you’ve said you’re sympathetic [...]

An open letter to just-signed New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow — about virginity and other important matters

    March 22, 2012 Tim — First of all, congratulations on your upcoming move to New York City.  It’s a great town, and I’m sure you’ll love it here. As an athlete and a religious man, you will be a role model to many young people here.   So I’m writing to you today [...]

SexualityResource at the movies: Twilight Breaking Dawn

  A secret code As most careful readers of the Twilight series know, there is a literary work that gets mentioned in each of the later volumes that explains the story. For New Moon, we have Romeo and Juliet. That’s easy. For Breaking Dawn, there’s The Merchant of Venice. A courtroom drama, where a woman [...]

Still further along the road less traveled

    “When my beloved first stands before me naked, all open to my sight, there is a feeling throughout the whole of me; awe.  Why?  If sex is no more than an instinct, why don’t I simply feel horny or hungry?  Such simple hunger would be quite sufficient to insure the propagation of the species.  Why [...]

What’s so new about the new non-monogamy?

  Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 via Creative Commons   “Monogamy Lite” For those of you who missed “Open Marriage,” the ethical non-monogamy movement of the 70’s: Ethical non-monogamy is back.   Not that it ever actually disappeared.  But it seems to be making news again. Last year the New York Times bestselling book Sex at Dawn (extensively reviewed [...]

———- Sex and the High Octane Woman ———- A conversation with Dr Sherrie Bourg Carter

Thanks to Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D. — author of the new book, High Octane Women: How Superachievers Can Avoid Burnout (2011, Prometheus Books).  – for permission to reprint this interview from her blog, High Octane Women, on PsychologyToday.   The interview is part of a longer article,  Sex and the High Octane Woman. ___   Dr. Carter: Most high-achieving [...]