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Sex therapist at the Academy Awards: Helen Hunt in The Sessions

    How many of you saw The Sessions?  Good – I see some hands. Did it lead to much discussion?  Well it didn’t in my house either. And in the popular press the same thing.  A few early reviews saying it was very moving, and well done.  Then nothing more. A movie about a [...]

The SexualityResource interview: What to do when size obsession gets out of hand

  Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 Tori Rodriguez, a writer for, recently interviewed me for a short article, The Obsession with Size, prompted by a recent article in the British Journal of Urology reporting that most men electing penis enlargement surgery are in fact normally endowed.   Thanks to Ms Rodriguez and to the editors of [...]

Will “Sex at Dawn” influence sex therapy?

Recently, Sexuality Resource reviewed Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha’s Sex at Dawn – a new book drawing on a vast amount of cultural and physical anthropological scholarship to argue that for our hunter-gatherer ancestors, sexual promiscuity may have been an established way of life.  And that the development 10,000 years ago of agriculture, an ownership society, and sexual [...]

The Sexuality Resource Interview: Dr Laura Muggli on ADHD in Women

After posting two articles on ADHD and Marriage in response to a recent NYTimes article, I received several responses asking specifically about women with ADHD.    I decided to consult my favorite Women’s ADHD guru, Dr Laura Muggli. Laura, we hear a lot lately about ADHD and relationships, but it’s mostly about men with ADHD.  What [...]

ADHD, Marriage, and The N. Y. Times – Part 2 Alvin? Alvin??! ALVIIIN!!!!

The word “Deficit” in “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is seriously misleading. As any parent of a kid with ADHD will tell you, such children often have an astounding capacity for paying attention to something that happens to be immediately exciting, such as a video game. The problem is that they have trouble paying attention to [...]

Our sexual culture and The New York Times

The latest public figure to make journalistic hay from the flibanserin controversy is Camille Paglia, whose editorial in The New York Times, ”No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class, “seems to be getting some play on my twitter feed.   It’s a fun read, but she throws a lot of things together that I’m not sure really stick. [...]