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Dr Snyder named to NYC Best Doctor list by New York Magazine

    New York City Best Doctors, 2012 I was honored this week to be featured in New York Magazine’s June 11 issue as one of 1,160 best NYC physicians – and as one of only 31 New York City psychiatrists to make the cut. Listing as a New York Magazine Best Doctor has for many years [...]

Diary of a Manhattan Sex Therapist — The other side of Saturday night

Want to test your knowledge of male sexual psychology?   Take this quiz: QUIZ:  It’s Saturday night.  Paul, 25 years old, is on a date with a new woman whom he likes very much and finds very sexy.  Unfortunately, later that night when they undress together, he suddenly has no erection.  She is very understanding [...]

Some open secrets about sexual arousal

The secrets of sexual arousal are hidden in plain sight. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Physical sexual arousal – the sexually aroused body – has been endlessly studied, most famously by Masters and Johnson in the 1960′s. And less rigorously but no less intensely by every sexual couple since the dawn of [...]