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Dr Snyder gets media training from Oprah on CBS This Morning

    When the call came from CBS This Morning  to come discuss two new anthropological papers on the origins of monogamy, my first concern naturally was to make sure I didn’t say anything embarrassing on national TV. So I decided to make detailed notes as a precautionary measure.   But I learned that on [...]

On male bisexuality — the Elle interview

    “I will dance with anybody. I’ve chased men and women. I like men and women both.”  –Boxer Emile Griffith, quoted in Sports Illustrated, 2005.   I’m not usually one to linger on obituaries, but this one held my attention all the way to the end:  The New York Times’ July 24, 2013 obituary of [...]

French women say, “Enough with modernism! Give us long baths with expensive body wash!”

    The New York Times reports today that Cinquante Nuances de Grey (that’s French for you-know-what) is now selling briskly in France — despite a hearty and unanimous condemnation by the French literary elite. According to the article “A Defiant Oui for ‘Fifty Shades” by Times columnist Elaine Sciolino, French critical opinion on the book has pointed [...]

The Year in Clinical Sexuality, 2012

    How are they ever going to make this into a movie? This year Fifty Shades of Grey flashed 1,2 and 3 on the New York Times bestseller list all summer long — only to pretty much disappear from the national consciousness with the arrival of Fall.    While it lasted, though, FiftyShades spawned a [...]

On eros, spirituality, and crying during sex

    Most recent in a series of articles  and interviews based on the new book Slow Sex by Nicole Daedone.   This is article 4 in the series.   My fellow sex journalist Tracy Clark-Flory was a guest at one of  Nicole Daedone’s weekend retreats  for women at Le Meridien in San Francisco last year.   [...]

When should a sex therapist recommend Fifty Shades of Grey to couples?

  Eighth in a series on Fifty Shades of Grey     Can Fifty Shades save your relationship? I’m hearing the same thing from sex therapists all over the country – If you recommend Fifty Shades of Grey to clients who are stuck in unhappy sexual relationships, some of them will come back reporting better [...]

Mass Erotic Choice as a Social Organizer — from Beatlemania to Fifty Shades of Grey

  Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7,  via Creative Commons.   Fifth in a series based on the new book, Fifty Shades of Grey. The questions never change Working as a sex therapist, I have more than a passing interest in what the culture happens to be serving up about eros. Part of it is simply curiosity about what [...]

Fifty Shades of Sexual Innocence Rewarded

    This article is the fourth in a series based more or less on the new book Fifty Shades of Grey. It continues a discussion begun in the previous article Sex and Fifty Shades of the City about the darker side of sexuality in popular culture. An eighteenth century blockbuster Pamela, published in 1740, was [...]

Sex and Fifty Shades of the City

    A strange thing, mystifying There’s an image that has haunted me for years.   It’s the opening credits of Sex and The City on HBO.   Here — watch it with me. Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sara Jessica Parker, is walking in downtown Manhattan.   We see her face first —  brash, charming, flirtatious.    Then, [...]

An open letter to just-signed New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow — about virginity and other important matters

    March 22, 2012 Tim — First of all, congratulations on your upcoming move to New York City.  It’s a great town, and I’m sure you’ll love it here. As an athlete and a religious man, you will be a role model to many young people here.   So I’m writing to you today [...]