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Slow Sex in Manhattan

        “I want to know what became of the changes We waited for love to bring. Were they only the fitful dreams Of some greater awakening? –Jackson Browne, The Pretender   The cultivation of sexual mindfulness One rainy Friday afternoon in mid-summer, I traveled uptown to speak with Nicole Daedone, a former [...]

Remembering one of love’s greatest students

  A month ago, an article appeared in The New York Times noting the passing, at his home in Switzerland, of Daniel Stern, MD (below) — psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher. Stern’s death failed to make the Times’ front page, but the Science Times featured a memorial piece by Douglas Martin that pretty well captured Stern’s work and [...]

On being deeply nourished. The Nicole Daedone interview, continued.

    In previous articles in this series, we’ve been discussing a sexuality practice popularized by author Nicole Daedone – a technique she’s named “Orgasmic Meditation,” though it doesn’t necessarily involve sexual climax in the conventional sex. In her book Slow Sex, she describes how a woman can develop her capacity for sexual attention by [...]

SexualityResource interviews “Slow Sex” author Nicole Daedone — on going to the place of pure feeling

  TEDx SF 2011 Alive – Nicole Daedone ©Suzie Katz via Creative Commons   “Be who G-d meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” — Saint Catherine of Siena   Slow Sex author Nicole Daedone says she first learned the technique she now calls “Orgasmic Meditation” (OM)  from someone who’d [...]

Nicole Daedone, “Slow Sex,” and the art of eating a tomato.

    “The Tao is like a vessel that can never be filled up. It is deep and endless, like the source of all things.”  – Lao-Tzu   Not far into her book Slow Sex, Nicole Daedone recounts the story of  the first time she ever tasted a home-grown heirloom tomato.    She was ten [...]

When should a sex therapist recommend Fifty Shades of Grey to couples?

  Eighth in a series on Fifty Shades of Grey     Can Fifty Shades save your relationship? I’m hearing the same thing from sex therapists all over the country – If you recommend Fifty Shades of Grey to clients who are stuck in unhappy sexual relationships, some of them will come back reporting better [...]

Fifty Shades for men

    OK, guys — By now you’ve probably noticed your wife or girlfriend has become more interested in sex since reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you thought of reading it yourself — to find out what all the fuss is about? I’m going to tell you a secret:  I read the whole thing.   [...]

Why Fifty Shades leaves women wanting . . . more

  Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7,  via Creative Commons.   Sixth in a series based on the new book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Can’t Fail Recipe for Erotic Romance 5 cups Twilight 1 cup Marquis de Sade 3 cups raw sex — finely diced Yield:    Fifty Shades of Grey   Two virgins It’s well known that Fifty Shades [...]

Sex Therapy NYC: Fifty Shades of Grey

      One quiet night It is 22 year old Anastasia Steele’s first night alone with Seattle billionaire sex-god Christian Grey,  in his high-tech mansion in the sky. Page 85.  She is about to experience sexual climax, for the first time in her life.  Let’s hear her tell it – “Let go, baby,” he murmurs. [...]

The year in clinical sexuality, 2011

  As we get ready to leave 2011 behind, I would like as always to express my gratitude to family, friends and colleagues for your support and encouragement over the past year; and to my patients for your trust and confidence.   May we all merit much happiness in 2012. Here’s my list of 2011′s [...]