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Eros, thanatos, and Sunday afternoon

(Part 3 of a series prompted by Vanessa Woods’ Bonobo Handshake.) Across the river and into the trees One day last summer my son came home from a birthday party covered with bruises, bleeding, and looking very proud of himself.  Happily examining his wounds in the bathtub, he explained that he’d been playing paintball, which [...]

Empathy’s magic

(Part 2 of a series prompted by Vanessa Wood’s Bonobo Handshake. Part 3 will follow shortly, after which we’ll return to our main subject) Photo credit: Pedrosimoes7 Empathy and its impediments When my daughter was seven, our nanny Irene got married and moved to Florida.  This was a big loss for my daughter, who for [...]

Sex in the wild

A new twist on the apple At a recent informal meeting of New York City sex therapists to discuss his new book Sex at Dawn, psychologist Chris Ryan played us a videotape showing a bonobo orgy. The tape was several minutes long.  It showed a small crew of cute little apes cavorting in the grass in all [...]