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On male bisexuality — the Elle interview

    “I will dance with anybody. I’ve chased men and women. I like men and women both.”  –Boxer Emile Griffith, quoted in Sports Illustrated, 2005.   I’m not usually one to linger on obituaries, but this one held my attention all the way to the end:  The New York Times’ July 24, 2013 obituary of [...]

On staying faithful in Hollywood and elsewhere

    July 27 After news of the Kristen Stewart mini-scandal broke this week, I was contacted by IBTimes writer Justine Ashley Costanza about infidelity amongst the famous and not-so-famous.   With her permission, I’m reprinting the conversation we had in preparation for her IBTimes article that appeared July 25th. Dr Snyder, you’ve said you’re sympathetic [...]

Where the magic gets made

        After many years of trying, an experienced rock and roll groupie finally managed to sleep with Mick Jagger. When her friends asked her how the legendary rocker had been as a sexual partner, she replied,  ”He was good — but he was no Mick Jagger.” That sweet coo I couldn’t help [...]

Mass Erotic Choice as a Social Organizer — from Beatlemania to Fifty Shades of Grey

  Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7,  via Creative Commons.   Fifth in a series based on the new book, Fifty Shades of Grey. The questions never change Working as a sex therapist, I have more than a passing interest in what the culture happens to be serving up about eros. Part of it is simply curiosity about what [...]

Lessons from the world’s largest sex experiment

    Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7,  via Creative Commons.   Mapping the sexual mind This year saw the publication of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, a book that among other things discusses its author’s independent analysis of 55 million sex-related Google searches. Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, the two computational neuroscientists who wrote A Billion Wicked Thoughts, appear to [...]


    Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7,  via Creative Commons. Eleventh in a series of articles loosely based on the new book A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Eros, self-love, and the New York Times In 2009 an article by Daniel Bergner appeared in the New York Times Magazine concerning new research into women’s [...]

The woman in the mirror

    Tenth in a series of articles on the new book A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam   “Being desired is very arousing to women.” Marta Meana, quoted in A Billion Wicked Thoughts, p. 110.   Every little thing she does is magic In a typical romance novel aimed at [...]

Contemporary sexuality and the Brazilian wax

Photo credit:  Pedrosimoes7 Does she, or doesn’t she? “When I was teaching the class of fifteen-year-olds and it was time for the girls to ask their questions of boys, they wanted to know this:  ‘Do you prefer girls who have a little hair or a lot of hair?’  I thought they meant hairstyles, as in [...]

Men and their computers, alone together.

    In the traditional Jewish world, a  man and woman not married to each other are forbidden to be alone together.   The Jewish laws covering this issue, collectively known as the laws of Yichud, are intended to counter the inherently stronger natural laws of  sexual attraction.    As strange as such laws might seem to [...]