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Men are different from women. Not just in their bodies, but in their minds and life experiences. Men expect themselves to perform sexually. When a man feels he hasn’t performed well, it can affect him deeply. Often he feels like less of a man. Talking to a professional in a neutral, private environment can help you gain back your confidence and get strategies to deal with the issues that get in the way of a healthy, satisfying sex life.

I know firsthand the pressures that men face. And I’ve spent more than 25 years working with men – young and old, straight and gay – with problems such as:

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Non-specialists often overlook treatable causes of erection problems, both medical and psychological. Causes of ED are often complex, and the best Sex Therapy treatments often combine medical and psychological approaches. We will work together to find the right balance that works for you.

Inability to ejaculate with a partner, especially during intercourse

Delayed ejaculation is more common than generally realized. Most often it’s treatable in just a few sessions. I’ve seen hundreds of men with this problem, and have had great success in treating this condition.

Internet pornography addiction

Compulsive use of internet pornography can have serious negative effects on a man’s sexual relationships. I’ve helped many people successfully change their relationship with Internet porn.

Kink-related issues

You can’t change what turns you on, just like you can’t change who turns you on. But you can get more comfortable with what and who turns you on. And you can get better at negotiating your real wants and needs, which can affect your partner’s attitude in a positive way.

Loss of sexual desire, mismatched desire

Lack of desire can cause severe stress in a relationship. I’ll usually want to see the two of you together (about what’s going on in bed) as well as individually (about what’s going on in both your heads). Both factors affect your ability to relate to one another in and out of bed.

Premature ejaculation (PE)

No, it’s not caused by hurrying to climax as a teen. Most men with PE just seem to be born that way. As with ED, the best treatments often combine medical and psychological approaches.

Problems resulting from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse

Sexual abuse of boys and young men is an issue that’s just now emerging from the shadows of shame and neglect. Many men need help dealing with both the psychological and sexual effects of abuse. Though you can’t erase the experience, you can develop strategies to deal with the emotional effects it caused.

Religious concerns and cultural conflicts regarding sexuality

Sexuality and religious traditions sometimes conflict. As a sex and relationship therapist who is also religious, I have an appreciation and respect for both modern and traditional perspectives on sexuality. We will find the way to balance both worlds, and maintain respect for your culture while enjoying a healthy sex life.

Sexual effects of emotional or medical illness and/or medications

Depression, OCD, panic attacks, performance anxiety, social anxiety, and ADHD can all affect your sexual life. And so can the medications used to treat these common conditions. As a sex therapist who’s also a board-certified MD psychiatrist, I help people achieve both emotional well-being and sexual satisfaction. I can also evaluate the effects of your medications and work to find the right dosage and balance that works for you.

Uncertainty about your sexual orientation (straight, gay, or bi)

New research has helped clarify the previously confusing subject of male bisexuality. But fear, shame, and uncertainty persists among people who are “mostly straight,” “mostly gay,” “hetero-flexible,” “fluid,” or “questioning.” As a sex specialist I’ve helped many men and women come to a better understanding and acceptance of who they are, which increases self worth and confidence.


Getting Help for Male Sexual Problems is Easier Than You Think

Most men come away from their first appointment grateful for practical advice they can use right way, and happy to have an action plan based on a more complete understanding of their concerns.

I am committed to helping each of my patients find the right treatment for their problem and prevent it from recurring. If a sexual problem has been making you feel bad about yourself, or has held you back from being with a partner . . .

If you want practical solutions to get your life back on track . . .

Let’s talk. Make an appointment today.

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“I’m frankly amazed and grateful.
This is life-changing.

Thank you again.”

-- a patient

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New Hope for Men Who Can't Ejaculate


Delayed ejaculation and inability to ejaculate during intercourse are actually quite common. I have over 25 years experience helping men with inhibited ejaculation.  Most often when a man can’t ejaculate during sex, it’s highly treatable.