Couples Sex Therapy and Relationship Counseling

Couples Sex Therapy Can Open New Doors to Intimacy

Every couple has its stories. The ones that explain why you got together, and why you’re still at it. Some of your stories as a couple you already know. Some you figure out as you go along, and some you may never know.

Every couple has its sexual story as well. Good sex helps keep a couple’s connection to each other fresh and alive. When things go wrong in the sexual or emotional life of a couple, it’s best to address them right away. The right therapist can sometimes make a big difference. Couples therapy is different from kinds of therapy.  You want to see a therapist who specializes in couples issues.

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Finding the Right Couples Therapist in NYC

As an AASECT-certified sex therapist and couples therapist in Manhattan, I’ve spent over 25 years helping New York couples take care of sexual and emotional problems. If your sexual or emotional relationship together has become frustrating or unsatisfying— If it isn’t making you feel good about yourself, or about each other— I invite you to look through this website and consider making an appointment for a consultation.



Common Concerns in Couples Sex Therapy:

Affairs and infidelity

When one partner has had a sexual and emotional affair, it can take a long time for a relationship to recover. Your sex life can be affected too. It’s often a good idea to consult someone who is both a sex therapist and a couples therapist.

Emotional intimacy problems

Sex tends to be highly emotional for people.  In long-term relationships, emotional concerns find their way into the bedroom. Sorting out a couples’ emotional and sexual problems requires specialized skills. Couples sex therapy can open up new avenues of communication and foster greater intimacy, both physical and emotional.

Loss of erotic connection

Many couples complain that they’ve “become like roommates.” Loss of erotic energy and spark is one of the most common reasons people come to see me for consultation. A careful review of your emotional and sexual story together usually helps us understand what’s gone wrong—and what to do about it.

Mis-matched sexual desire

Many couples end up with a “high desire” and a “low desire” partner. Both of these roles can be frustrating. Consultation with an experienced sex therapist can often help re-balance things.

Problems resulting from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse

When one of you is a survivor of abuse, it can affect both of you emotionally and sexually.  Often both partners need help understanding each other and finding meaningful ways to connect.

Sexual effects of emotional or medical illness and/or medications

When one of you is affected by emotional or medical illness, it affects both of you. As a sex therapist who is also an MD and a board-certified psychiatrist, I can help you sort through complicated medical and emotional concerns and manage them more effectively.

Unconsummated marriage

I have years of success with couples who’ve been unable to have intercourse together. Often the problem is due either to his erection or ejaculation problems, her inability to relax her pelvic muscles, or some combination of the two.

Contact me to begin your journey to healing, enhancing or just taking things to a whole new level with your partner.

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