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Sex Therapist and Couples Sex Therapy NYC

Sex matters. When sex isn’t good, other aspects of your relationship may suffer. Some sex and relationship problems can be resolved quickly; others require more time and attention. Not all therapists have the knowledge and experience to know the difference. I’m an AASECT-certified MD sex therapist with 25 years experience helping individuals and couples in NYC feel better about lovemaking―and about each other. Call or email me to learn how I can help you.

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Sex Therapy for Men and Women

If you think there’s more that sex and your relationship can offer you, you’re probably right. I’ve dedicated my professional life to discovering how to help couples have good sex (and great sex)—and I’ve found that most people don’t understand the fundamentals of how to obtain satisfaction and self-esteem in erotic relationships. If sex or relationship issues are holding you back, I invite you to make an appointment. I work with men, women and couples, and I look forward to helping you get the satisfaction you desire.

Couples Sex Therapy 

When things go wrong in the sexual or emotional life of a couple, it’s best to address them right away. The right therapist can sometimes make a big difference.  Couples Sex Therapy is unlike any other type of therapy. It challenges people in couples to be far more honest about their moment-to-moment experiences. It tends to deliver more immediate results.  And it’s often helpful even for couples who’ve spent months or years in less-than-productive couples therapy where sex problems have been avoided or not confronted directly.


Complex Consultations

As a sex therapist in Manhattan who is also a medical doctor (and a psychiatrist), I’m often asked by other physicians and therapists to step in when previous psychotherapy, sex therapy, or medical treatments have not been successful. Not many sex therapists are physicians—which is unfortunate, since sex lies at the interface between the body and the mind. I’ve worked for years to find new ways to combine medical and psychological treatments for complicated sex and relationship problems, and I invite you to call me or email me to discuss your specific situation.


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